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Culture & Values

Values - What is important to us?

Our corporate culture and values form the basis, here summarized in the terms Continuity, Knowledge. People. Our values such as stability, uprightness, flexibility, loyalty, but also reliability and fairness. They have already accompanied us for several decades and form the foundation of our corporate culture. Values we pursue create a collective - also above and beyond geographical borders. Common values provide the basis for creativity and motivation. They animate employees to shape their surroundings independently and to act entrepreneurially. For this, an atmosphere of freedom and trust is needed. NEUMAN & ESSER has existed for 190 years. This continuity has only been possible because the entrepreneurial knowledge as well as the innovative and flexible workforce, that is to say the people, have always borne the company.​​

Vision - Who do we want to be?

​Agile. Solution. Experts. It doesn't ring catchy, so what is meant? We do what we've been doing for decades: we're agile and identify coming market requirements and focus on them at an early stage​. The development to a machinery and equipment construction company was an important move for us. Now we must go another step, namely complete the further development as a solution provider. And we are experts at this. The triad of Agile. Solution. Experts thus becomes clear. We will align all our action based on these three terms. Preferably everywhere and from all of you! 

In addition to biomethane grid injection compressors NEUMAN & ESSER offers also the buildings and infrastructure around the compression systems or integrates its electrolyzers and compressors to turnkey solutions. NEUMAN & ESSER's process solutions expand the scope from powder coating mill system to complete production trains from mixer and extruder over mill, classifier and packing unit. The development of these solutions has a prerequisite: expert competence. Our customers and partners only establish trustful collaboration with us if our know-how convinces them.

Mission - What makes us special?

Our mission rather describes our view from the inside and is based on our values. Within the scope of Strategy 2025, we have re-addressed our mission intensely. "Customer-focused solutions for sustainable family business". And this is valid for all business units! It is part of the comprehensive Group strategy and means that we cater particularly to customer wishes. Our target is to offer the customer high-quality, comprehensive solutions, always against the backdrop of being profitable in the long-term and also securing the further existence of our family business for future generations. However, sustainablity also means resource saving for us.