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Environmental Sustainability

The environment and natural resources are the focus of our efforts to preserve our planet. The careful use of limited resources is a cross-generational task that we take very seriously. All over the world, our employees respect and comply with applicable laws and regulations. It is our goal to preserving resources, to consciously handle water, energy and exhaustible raw materials and to develop solutions in the sense of the circular economy in order not to consume more resources in the long term than can grow back or regenerate. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions are to be continuously reduced to minimize global warming caused by anthropogenic climate change.

Planet - NEA TO ZERO

Our environmental sustainability measures are aimed at a resource-efficient and CO2-neutral future and thus at no negative environmental impact from our business processes - "NEA TO ZERO". We focus on climate protection, the protection of natural resources and the environment, as well as the advancement of a functioning circular economy.

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