Solutions & Business Areas

We stand as the industry’s reliable partner, propelling the energy transition and the circular economy through our integrated solutions for the energy infrastructure of tomorrow. 

Our compressor solutions with in-house sealing technology are utilized extensively when it comes to industrial gas processing. Catering to the traditional oil and gas industry, as well as the emerging hydrogen economy and green gas industry.

Our product portfolio includes hydrogen production systems such as electrolyzers, steam reformers, holding the key technologies for future demands of clean energy. With over a century of expertise, in hydrogen compression, we have established ourselfs as a leading expert in the complete H2 value chain.

Our solutions in mechanical process engineering play a crucial role particularly in the grinding and classification of raw materials and recycled resources.

Our systems make a significant contribution to applications such as powder coating, recovered Carbon Black and protein enrichment. Additionally, our solutions are instrumental in the manufacturing of high-performance materials used in high-performance battery storage systems

Our Solutions & Business Areas