Milestones of NEUMAN & ESSER

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NEUMAN & ESSER looks back on almost 200 years of company history. During this time our family-owned company has experienced and supported several developments. In the process we have always succeeded in facing up to new challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves, as a look at the most important milestones of NEUMAN & ESSER shows.


STASSKOL India Pvt. Ltd, the third STASSKOL subsidiary outside of Germany, was founded.

Establishment of NEUMAN & ESSER Korea Ltd. The takeover of UNICON International Co. Ltd. Service business, is accompanied by the founding of a new company which was integrated in the existing structures of NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia.

The company Heinsch Metall + Anlagenbau from Wurzen became part of NEUMAN & ESSER in 2023. Thus, plant engineering is once again integrated as a separate expertise in Germany.


Acquisition of a 64.000m2 plot of land in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters in Übach-Palenberg. A competence center for packaging and repairs is being built there.

The joint-venture NEA LIBYA was found. It provides turnkey solutions in the field of plant engineering and all related services for the Libyan market.

Founding of STASSKOL Kunshan Ltd. In China. The second STASSKOL subsidiary is the touching point for STAASKOL’s product portfolio and the Chinese market.


NEUMAN & ESSER invested in INFINIUM, a Sacramento based supplier of e-fuels production plants.

NEA GREEN GmbH & Co. KG was found. The enterprise accompanies customers in their initial considerations and decisions regarding decarbonization through the usage of green gases.


The Brazilian company HYTRON Energy & Gas (HYTRON) was acquired, which added electrolyzers to the performance range/portfolio.

Arcanum Energy Systems GmbH & Co KG (ARCANUM), headquartered in Holzwickede, becomes part of NEUMAN & ESSER.


NEUMAN & ESSER acquires a 50% stake in AE Driven Solutions GmbH (AEDS) from Aachen. The company develops sustainable mobility and logistics concepts based on hydrogen.


Foundation of the subsidiary NEA X, which develops software concepts for Industry 4.0.


STASSKOL Inc. was founded as the first subsidiary of STASSKOL. The company is still located at the NEUMAN & ESSER site in Katy, TX in the USA.

The company Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik GmbH (Hofer) became part of NEUMAN & ESSER. A succesful collaboration has already existed since 1995 within the framework of a sales cooperation.


The fourth generation of the Peters family, Stefanie and Alexander, followed in their father’s footsteps. To this day, Klaus Peters supports them with his foresight and experience to this day.


The acquisition of the previous supplier STASSKOL extended the core business with tailor-made (customized) sealing elements. The focus was increasingly directed towards piston compressors as well as mills and classifier systems.


NEUMAN & ESSER received the patent for the impact classifier mill ICM.


Establishment of the first subsidiaries outside of Germany. In Italy and the USA, the internationalization started. Further locations were following.


Takeover of Maschinenfrabrik Wurzen GmbH located near Leipzig. The second production site increased manufacturing capacity and expanded the performance range.


Foundation of NEUMAN & ESSER Kundendienst GmbH, later renamed NEAC Compressor Service GmbH & Co. KG. The decentralization of NEUMAN & ESSER was initiated.


The licenses for the piston compressor product line from Halberg were acquired. This was followed by acquisitions of licenses for Linde, Demag and PPC (Penn Process Compressors). Furthermore, the entire After-Sales Service Division of Borsig-Berlin reciprocating compressors was obtained from MAN turbo.


Move to new factory premises in Übach-Palenberg, 20km outside Aachen. The mechanical engineering company had 250 employees at that time.


The brothers Hans-Joachim and Klaus Peters took over the company management.


Wolfgang Peters, whom his father Oscar had already called into the company in 1930, became Managing Partner in 1937.


Development of the first dry-running compressors. The oil-free compressors were and are used in breweries as well as the increasingly strong food and chemical industries.


Mills and classifier systems were added to the product portfolio. Furthermore, licenses for the construction of pendulum mills according to Raymond’s patent, the so-called Raymond mills, were acquired.


Around 1900, the portfolio was expanded by piston steam machines and reciprocating compressors, vacuum and fluid pumps as well as drying systems.


After the death of Theodor Esser in 1891, Oscar Peters took over the machine factory as sole owner. Since then, NEUMAN & ESSER has been owned by the Peters family.


NEUMAN & ESSER was moving into a new and larger assembly hall in Clasenstraße close to Aachen’s western railway station.


Following the death of Johann Leonard Neuman in August 1848, Friedrich August left the company and established his own coppersmith’s workshop. Theodor Esser continued the business under the old name NEUMAN & ESSER. At this time, hydraulic presses decatizing rollers, steam machines and shearing machines were produced. Moreover, the repair of defective machines was already part of the business.


In 1841, the firm built Germany’s first gas containers in Cologne, among others in cooperation with the British Imperial Continental Gas Association. In 1845, it was considered as one of the most important coppersmith workshops in the Rhine province.


With the joining of his brother-in-law Theodor Esser and his younger brother Friedrich August Neuman, the company turned to mechanical engineering. From 1829 it traded under the name of J.L Neuman & Cie. Maschinenfabrik and from 1830 as NEUMAN & ESSER Aachen.


The roots of NEUMAN & ESSER date back to the century of the industrial revolution. In 1821, 25 years old Johann Leonard Neuman moved from Eupen to Aachen and found a coppersmith’s workshop there.