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NEUMAN & ESSER is operating two locations in Brazil. The first location in Brazil was already founded at the end of the 1990s. This is located in Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, which is known for its historic gold mines, coffee plants and iron ore mining. Belo Horizonte is the capital of Minas Gerais. The city is home to many international companies due to its strategically valuable central position and has the necessary infrastructure to reach customers in all parts of Central and South America. The second location in Brazil was then added at the end of 2020. Through the acquisition of HYTRON Energy & Gas (HYTRON), NEUMAN & ESSER now also has a location in Sumaré, Sao Paulo. The Brazil location is an excellent example of the interdisciplinary work of NEUMAN & ESSER, as Compressor Solutions, Process Solutions and Energy Solutions are offered there from a single source.


NEUMAN & ESSER BRASIL was founded in 1997 under the name NEUMAN & ESSER América do Sul in Belo Horizonte. However, the company's origins date back to 1983, when Demag decided to relocate the construction of its piston compressors from Germany to Brazil. NEUMAN & ESSER seized the opportunity and signed a contract with Demag in Vespasiano to manufacture NEA compressors for the V-series and standing series. Further contract extensions in subsequent years included the modernization of Demag engines and joint sales activities for both compressor brands in the USA. In 1997, Demag completely stopped building piston compressors in Brazil and NEUMAN & ESSER took over a staff of experts from Demag.

In addition to the compressor business and the associated service, grinding and classifying systems have also been part of the portfolio at the Belo Horizonte location since 2012. In this area, too, sales and plant engineering as well as service and modernization are the expertise of NEUMAN & ESSER BRASIL. Today, 78 employees offer a wide range of Compressor Solutions, Process Solutions and Energy Solutions to the South American market. The competences in Brazil range from application, sales, engineering and production to assembly and services. In addition, the Sales & Application Center with the broadest SBU spectrum, a Center of Excellence for Hydrogen Generation and a Test Center for Process Solutions are located at the site. NEA BRASIL's sales territory covers all South American countries as well as parts of Central America and the Caribbean. In the past quarter century, a considerable number of NEUMAN & ESSER systems have been sold. Today, 171 compressors, 37 mills and classifier systems, two electrolyzers and two reformers are in operation. 438 running compressors and 37 mills and classifer systems are in the service of NEUMAN & ESSER.

NEUMAN & ESSER Engenharia e Soluções Ltda

Rua Gabriela de Melo, 401 – Olhos D’água
30.390-080 – Belo Horizonte/ MG – Brazil
+55 (31) 2126-9599

HYTRON Energy & Gas

With the integration of HYTRON Energy & Gas into NEUMAN & ESSER on November 19, 2020, a decisive milestone was reached for the positioning as a solution provider on the hydrogen market. As part of the ENERGY DIVISION, HYTRON represents a central building block in the portfolio that makes NEUMAN & ESSER a full-service provider of solutions across the entire hydrogen value chain. The Brazilian company HYTRON is based in Sumaré, São Paulo and was originally founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the University of Campinas. Since then, it has become a leading solution provider in the fields of engineering and system integration for PEM and alkaline electrolyzers, natural gas and ethanol reformers, among others.

HYTRON Energy & Gas

Eritrina, 181
Condomínio Industrial Veccon Zeta
Sumaré - SP - Brasil
CEP.: 13.178-543
+55 19 30322522

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+55 31 2126 9590
NEUMAN & ESSER Engenharia e Soluções Ltda.
Rua Gabriela de Melo 401 Olhos D'Água
30390-080 Belo Horizonte, MG