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Powder coating is very popular in the coating industry. The redundancy of solvents and the efficient use of raw materials contribute significantly to its popularity. In addition, the coating is used on many different substrates. We have many years of experience in powder coating production. This experience enables the innovative application and processing of solids into high-quality powder coating. Today, we have more than 600 ICM grinding systems to produce powder coating in operation all over the world. The mills and classifier systems can be used flexibly according to customer requirements.

Our machines have a very high filling accuracy and can achieve more than twice the capacity of manual filling. In addition, the innovative dosing unit of our machines prevents the filling tube from coming into direct contact with the product. This prevents the dreaded cross-contamination. The static charge of the components is also monitored by a NEUMAN & ESSER system. This prevents ignition sources and protects our customer’s employees when working with the explosive coating powder. This system can be controlled centrally.

Powder Coating Microsite

Visit our Powder Coating Microsite. There you find more information about this application and powder coating community as well as news.

Use Case

We have maintained a partnership with the Italian powder coating manufacturer ST Powder Coatings for more than 20 years. During the construction of their new building in Italy, we were able to participate decisively in the design of the building as well as in the process planning. A few years later, St Powder Coatings ordered an ICM9.6 grinding system including a steel frame for the grinding of powder coating. Originally, the customer had prepared to produce large batches in the layout of its plant. With the ICM9.6 grinding system, the customer now has the option of being able to produce smaller batch sizes very flexibly. Our additive dosing system NEAddiX is also being used in this project, which has reduced additive consumption and improved the quality of the powder coating.


Our continuous development into a solution provider in the field of grinding and classifying systems, among others, is very evident in this project. The grinding plant, the NEAddiX additive dosing system, the steel frame and the installation of the units are all supplied by NEUMAN & ESSER. With this integrated solution, we were able to satisfy ST Powder Coatings as much as to win orders for a further ICM2.4 laboratory mill and an ICM60 production mill.


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