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Impact Classifier Mill eXtra

The impact classifier mill eXtra (ICX) is perfectly suitable for energy-efficient, dry superfine grinding. Based on our proven ICM impact classifier mill technology, we developed the ICX to address the specific challenges of superfine grinding. The grinding intensity via specifically designed grinding tools as well as the air and product guidance were optimized within the mill, enabling an efficient superfine grinding and classifying process.


Highly Efficient Classification, Precise, Flexible, Energy-Saving

Our ICX enables energy-efficient grinding in areas of fineness hitherto reserved for jet mills and ball mills. This now allows the realization of finest grinding in a compact, energy-saving grinding system, which does not require any additional aggregates such as air compressors.

The typical ICX classifier mill applications are in the areas of chemicals, pigments, food, sweets, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Easy Operation and Cleaning

In addition to optimization for finest grinding, we have taken over the ease of operation and good maintainability of the proven impact classifier mill ICM.

Thus, the ICX is also available as a pressure shock resistant model for grinding potentially explosive dust such as sugar, activated carbon black etc. and can therefore easily be integrated into ATEX-compliant systems.

Features of Our ICX
  • combined, extra fine dry grinding and classification of brittle materials
  • particle size limitation: 5 μm – 50 μm
  • throughput: 10 kg/h – 20,000 kg/h
  • mill power: 2 kW – 600 kW
  • air quantity: 100 m³/h – 40,000 m³/h
  • feed material particle size: 0 – 10 mm
  • grinding chamber diameter: 150 mm – 2,000 mm
Characteristics of Our ICX
  • robust mill housing with a long service life
  • direct drive concept: energy-efficient, compact, low maintenance, quiet
  • easy operation and low noise emission
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • precise upper particle size limits and steep particle size distribution
  • optimized grinding chamber design for temperature-sensitive products, energy efficiency and low wear
  • available as a pressure shock resistant model (PSR 11) for ATEX-compliant systems
Applications of Our ICX
  • chemicals such as wax and E-PVC
  • food such as sugar, lactose, milk powder
  • calcium carbonate
  • inorganic or organic pigments and varnishes
  • minerals
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